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Chili Pad Dual Control Panels: Keep Your Bed Cool... and Warm

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Chili Pad mattress cooler

Chili Pad Control Panels keep you warmer and cooler

Do you ask yourself, “Is there something to make my bed cooler?” Here it is! The Chili Pad mattress cooler – offering you a healthy "sleep cool" solution.  And most amazingly this mattress pad also has the ability to keep you warm! And if you select a dual control option then you can choose a warmer temperature and your partner can simultaneously choose a cool bed option. All at a low discount price with free shipping.

Sleep scientists report that if we are either too hot or too cold, the quality of our sleep, and consequently, our health, suffers. Even without this sleep research, you know how difficult it is to fall asleep when you are too hot or to remain asleep during an episode of night sweats.

New upgrades of the Chilipad PLS:

sleep cool pad
  • enhanced programming gives the PLS precise temperature regulation within 1 degree of setting
  • the fan is even more quiet and runs continually, softly ramping up or down during temperature maintenance
  • the display dims after 5 seconds
  • automatic shut off after 12 hours reduces electricity consumption and provides a simpler operation for the user

Chili Pad mattress coolerNow, you can slip this soft, flexible, no wires cool mattress pad between you and your mattress, adjust the control to your ideal temperature, and enjoy the cooling, cushioning relief of the Chili Pad bed topper. The novel design and patented Chili technology provides you with a consistent temperature so that you sleep at your “perfect” temperature all night long. You can cool your bed down to 46° F or warm it up to 118° F. A Chili Pad mattress cooler can help you fall asleep easily, stay asleep, and gain the profoundly restorative health benefits of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Chili pad mattress toppers come in both a single zone with one temperature for the entire surface of the bed and dual zones with two temperatures. The dual zone mattress cooler can cool you down while simultaneously warming up your sleeping partner. You both can choose your ideal temperature. One side of the bed can be ideally warm; the other side can be ideally cool. Plus, Chilipad’s two zones can be controlled separately with two remotes.

The Chili Pad Saves Energy and Allows You to Sleep Cool and Comfortable All Night Long

chili Pad bed cooler and controlsNo more bed-time considerations about whether or not to turn down the air-conditioner to save energy costs. Go ahead, turn down the AC, save up to 15% in energy costs, yet still sleep cool. Close the window and still sleep cool. Open the window, turn down the heaters and still sleep warm.

This state of the art technology uses water pumped through soft silicon tubing. The control unit for the Chili Pad mattress cooler is a low-voltage appliance without ELF that easily fits underneath a standard bed frame. It is this control unit that either cools or heats the water depending on your choice. What’s more, there are no wires inside or on top of the cooling bed pad, so no health-compromising electromagnetic fields (EMF's) to worry about. Only water flows through the tubes.

The pump for this cool mattress pad is exceptionally quiet (under 20 db). The tubing withstands weight of over 500 lbs, yet you do not feel the tubes underneath you. You feel only a soft, luxuriously cushioned, cool mattress topper. Furthermore, the specially designed soft tubing cannot be punctured under normal use. The covers are polycotton with polyester fill and are completely machine washable. A Chili Pad mattress topper wonderfully cools or warms your bed without a bother and it works with any mattress.

Are you a camper or road trip fan? Chili pad is a welcome addition to your camper or RV.

This Mattress Cooler Pad Comes in All Sizes with Free Shipping

Comes with free shipping, 90 day trial, 2 year warranty and a low discount price on all sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King. You may select a single Zone panel or Dual panel controls using soothing water technology to both cool and heat your mattress.


Chilipad Heating Pads with Single or Dual Controls

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38" x 75"


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60" x 80"



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76" x 80"



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72" x 84"



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ChiliPad Bed Warmer - 90 Night In-Home TrialChiliPad Bed Warmer - 90 Night In-Home Trial

Your best night's sleep is a few degrees away. If you have not yet achieved your perfect night's sleep or if you do not get enough of it, the ChiliPad is the solution. This is the only cooling and heating temperature control system for your bed and is the ideal solution. Your best night's sleep is GUARANTEED by our 90 day money back guarantee.

Chilipad Bed Warmer WarrantyChiliPad Bed Warmer - 2 Year Limited Warranty

ChiliPads are warranted by Chili Technology to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, Chili Technology will, at its option, either repair or replace depending on the defect, not including charges for shipping and handling, any parts of its product(s) that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship and materials. This warranty does not cover any damage to the product that results from NORMAL wear and tear, abuse, misuse, neglect, natural disaster, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Save more on your total order when you buy a Chili Pad Sleep Comfort Cooler / Heater Pad along with a one of our memory foam mattress sets or latex mattress set -- $20 off on Twin, TwinXL, and Full sizes; $30 off on Queen, East King, and Cal King sizes. Just enter “Combined Discount” in the comment section during checkout.

Occasionally there are special discount coupons also available on our Chili Pad products. We accept only one type of discount option on each purchase.

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