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Memory Foam Yoga Exercise Mat

And Now…The Return of Our Unbeatable Memory Foam Yoga Mat


You love to sleep on our memory foam mattresses and toppers; now you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of Energia foam while you exercise! This special foam was created by Foamex to successfully incorporate resiliency and support with the shape conforming comfort of visco elastic memory foam. Our yoga mat is much thicker than most, making this the best thick yoga mat for just about all types of exercise at home or in the gym. Stretch, bend, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, aerobics and pilates exercise mat par excellence! We use a high-density, yet springy foam for extra shock absorbing ability; and the cushioning is perfect for yoga postures.

Our state-of-the-art exercise mat is designed to help you keep fit, enjoyably and comfortably. That's why our customers love our yoga exercise mats. The non-skid back allows for gentle stretching and dynamic movement, offering superior support for your whole body as you get into shape, while the micro-fiber suede helps you stay in place on the surface.

Exercise Yoga Mat

Stay Fit and Healthy with This Powerful Exercise Floor Mat

Easy to clean and hypoallergenic, our Energia Memory Foam two-section Yoga Mat is also compact, has convenient handles, and is easy to store or take with you – wherever you want to exercise. And the cover is removable for ease of cleaning. The miracle of this remarkable foam makes ours the best yoga mat or pilates mat on the market! This yoga mat roll will make a great gift! Inspire your family and friends to keep fit and stay healthy with quality yoga mats from Absolute Comfort on Sale. Size 24 x 76 inches unfolded.

yoga mat

Memory Foam Yoga Mat
24" x 76"




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