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Memory Foam Mattress Review Comparison

Tempur-Pedic Review ComparisonIn these pages we compare Tempur-Pedic® products with our memory foam products. We carry over six types of visco elastic memory foam mattresses (we sell the brands Memory Foam Select, Perfect Comfort, Serene Sleep, Majestic Comfort, Ultimate Sleep and MemorRest) and several brands of memory foam mattress pad toppers such as MemorRest, Sensus, Sleep Zone, Perfect Comfort, Aerus, CoolMax and more. In every case we feel our products compare in quality point for point with Tempur-Pedic's and our prices are considerably less, sometimes as much as 70% less. How is it we can offer you such great savings for a similar, and in some cases, superior product? For one thing, we are not conducting a massive national advertising campaign. Our products come to you factory direct. In addition, we offer free shipping in most cases. We only charge sales tax in the state of North Carolina. Tempur-Pedic charges sales tax in every state.

You will see in this Review Comparison that all memory foam mattresses, like our Memory Foam Select, Perfect Comfort, Serene Sleep, Majestic Comfort, Ultimate Sleep and MemorRest mattresses, as well as all Tempur-Pedic mattresses are composed of layers of various types of foam, such as NASA developed memory foam, poly urethane foam and latex foam.

Different combinations of foam type, foam density and foam thickness go to make up each memory foam mattress. In the same way, all memory foam mattresses, including all of our high quality memory foam mattresses, are composed of different combinations of foam layered up one upon the other. Basically the difference between memory foam mattresses is the sequence of foam layers, the thickness of the layers, the density of foam used and the type of foam used.

For more information on toppers, be sure to read our memory foam mattress topper review guide.

The Benefits of Memory Foam

Some memory foam mattresses are designed to be more firm and supportive, and others are engineered to be more giving and luxurious feeling. But in every case a memory foam mattress offers a very unique sleeping experience. NASA developed memory foam adjusts to your body's weight and temperature and cradles you in comfort and support. It is very satisfying to us that so many of our customers report the improvements they experience in the quality of their sleep. They report relief from physical tension and pressure points and say that they not only sleep better but feel better too. Read more about the Memory Foam Experience.

Because of all the variables and possibilities in the design of a memory foam mattress it is not possible to compare every aspect of the design. In this Tempur-Pedic Review Comparison we do our best to point out the many similarities and the differences in general terms. We offer additional specification pages (or 'spec pages') on each product giving even more in depth information about our memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows.

Apart from discussing the design and construction differences, a Memory Foam Review would not be complete without also giving some explanation of the differences in services we offer. In the case of our memory foam mattresses, we always Ship Free to every state within the continental USA.

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Please Note: Tempur-Pedic ® is a registered trademark of Dan-Foam A/S Corporation. We do not sell the Tempur-Pedic ® brand and we are in no way affiliated with Tempur-Pedic ®. The information on this site with regard to Tempur-Pedic ® mattresses is only for comparison purposes to our products.