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Small Dog and Cat Bed
For Pets 1 - 15 lbs


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Now your Pets can Enjoy the Health Benefits and Comfort of
Memory Foam With Our
Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed!

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Memory Foam Pet Bed

Sweet Pea, who weighs 15 pounds was found fearlessly chasing fireflies at six weeks old along a country road in the Blue Ridge mountains. She now loves playing in the rain and cuddling up with her owner. In less than thirty seconds she nestled into her new memory foam bed and started dreaming of fireflies.

Our Small Dog Beds or Cat Beds Come Fully Loaded!

Our small dog bed or cat bed is not only the most comfortable and healthy custom pet bed on the market, it's also incredibly well designed, practical and durable. This quality dog bed or cat bed has so many great features we had a tough time coming up with a name… puppy bed, memory foam cat bed, luxury cat bed, small dog beds, cat pet bed, custom pet bed, cat pillow, fancy cat bed …One thing's for sure, small dog beds just don't get any better than this! Our custom pet bed has these powerful features:

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed is Moisture and Soil Resistant. The strong and durable cotton fabric on this quality dog bed is treated with Nano Tex, a new process that allows natural fibers to be water, stain and wrinkle resistant. Nano Tex nanofibers (about the size of three atoms) attach to the cotton to prevent fluid and dirt from penetrating. The cover is easy to clean and long lasting, yet the material will retain its natural cotton feel.

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed is Available in Two Colors. Our puppy bed is available in Natural Khaki and Hunter Green. The cover is a poly-cotton blend that's removable and washable.

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed Has State-of-the-Art Memory Foam. small pet bedMemory foam is weight and temperature-sensitive, relieving pressure points. With our memory foam cat bed your pet will enjoy the unique benefits of memory foam for a deeper, more comfortable rest! It's also ideal when recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis, orthopedic problems or for just a super comfy nap! Visco elastic memory foam is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic and it's shredded, so your small dog or cat will love curling up on this custom pet bed.

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed Has Real Cedar Shavings. Cedar shavings are combined with the shredded memory foam. Cedar repels bugs and helps to keep this quality dog bed smelling sweet. Your good friend deserves the greatest luxury cat bed – dog bed online!

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed measures 24" diameter for pets 1–15 lbs.

• This Small Dog Bed or Cat Bed Can Be Personalized. Would you like to personalize your puppy bed or cat pillow for an additional charge? Choose either Navy, Red or Gold thread and use up to 12 letters. Personalizing takes a little longer to ship. Please allow 5 days. Just specify in the special instructions during checkout.

• Free Shipping! Order your memory foam cat bed or dog bed online now and the shipping's on us!

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