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The S-Cape ( Optima ) Leggett Platt Adjustable Bed

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The S-Cape ( Optima ) Adjustable Bed is the Leggett Platt upgrade of the Ovation Adjustable Bed and if you were impressed before, you will be even more impressed now.  

In addition to the previous luxury features included in the Ovation adjustable bed are a number of new luxury features. This is the finest adjustable electric bed on the market.

memory foam adjustable beds

Because an adjustable electric bed is also a massage bed you will need a special mattress with special features to go with your adjustable bed frame. How to choose an adjustable bed mattress? -- Click on "Choose an Adjustable Mattress" below to continue and find out.

Choose an Adjustable mattress
Click here to continue to our mattress selections, that are available at a substantial savings when bought together with the adjustable base.

Choose an Adjustable Mattress


Go to ProMotion Adjustable Platform

Both the ProMotion adjustable electric bed and the S-Cape ( Optima ) adjustable bed are shipped free and - a $395 value, shipping within 4-6 weeks and in addition we ship them full white glove service. Your adjustable bed will be placed in your bedroom, set up and the boxes removed. Stair-carry and old-bed-removal services may be available in your area; please request an estimate.

adjustable bed platformsIf you already have your Adjustable Mattress, we also offer the Leggett & Platt Adjustable Platforms without mattress:

SIZE S-Cape Base ProMotion Base

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TWO 30x80

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TWO 38x80

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TWO 36x84

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Add Casters to the ProMotion Base ($30)

Note: The ProMotion and S-Cape ( Optima ) adjustable bed frames are not eligible for our 30 night trial and are not returnable. The weight and shipping costs make returns impossible. We would never be able to offer such low prices if we had to account for potential return costs. All of our customers so far have loved this product. But remember, Leggett Platt offers an excellent Lifetime Limited Warranty on the S-Cape and the ProMotion. In the first year Leggett Platt will repair or replace any defective part at no cost to the purchaser for parts, labor or transportation.