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The Complete Memory Foam Guide

memory foam e-bookOffering a free downloadable Memory Foam Guide e-book covering all the major issues when choosing a memory foam mattress or a memory foam mattress pad topper.

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Memory Foam Guide: A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Memory Foam

Summary Of Contents:

memory foam bookSome excerpts from this informative Memory Foam Guide e-pamplet include:

A definition of IFD, Indentation Force Deflection…

“In order to arrive at a simple qualitative indicator, Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) was coined as the technical ‘softness’ or ‘hardness’ of a given piece of foam. This was formerly known as the ILD or Indentation Load Deflection. IFD measures the pounds of force required to indent a 4-inch-thick sample of foam…..”

A guide to memory foam density and the effect it has on the quality of the memory foam experience:

“Many people generally assume that the "best memory foam" would be the most expensive and the most dense foam. But this is not the case. The best memory foam is the most comfortable memory foam and the density of the most comfortable memory foams are in the middle to high range, from 3 lb to 5 lb….”

Whether to Choose a Memory Foam Topper or a Memory Foam Mattress?

“If you are in the market for memory foam and haven't decided on whether you want to buy a new memory foam mattress or whether you want to buy a memory foam topper, here are a few considerations….”

memory foam bedThe limitations of memory foam:

“Memory foam is not for everyone. It is not recommended for those who weigh over 250 lbs….”
“Because memory foam is a temperature sensitive material it can be heat generating. For this reason it is not ideal for those who "sleep hot". But there are certain patented fabrics which help to neutralize the heat of the memory foam, such as CoolMax® fabric. Cotton sheets are also….”

This simple, helpful guide includes reasons for choosing a memory foam mattress:

“By now everyone has seen the Tempur-Pedic advertisements showing a child jumping up and down on a bed next to a wine glass that doesn't move or spill. This demonstration showed that memory foam, unlike regular inner spring mattresses, deflects motion. If one partner moves on the bed, the movement is not transferred to the other partner. This deflection of motion is another advantage of memory foam over conventional mattresses…..”

The history of memory foam:

“They required a seating material that would reduce the impact of the g-forces at the time of take-off and cushion the astronauts during their long journey into space and back again.  Visco-elastic memory foam was a scientific discovery made by NASA to fulfill this objective….”

Guidance on memory foam warranty issues:

“A mattress pad cover will protect the memory foam from exposure to moisture from body sweat or liquids. Some memory foam warranties are nullified if the product is not used in conjunction with a mattress pad cover….”

memory foam

Free Downloadable e-Book: Memory Foam Guide

The e-book chapters of this Memory Foam Guide are:

Download your free copy of this Complete Memory Foam Guide now!