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Memory Foam Mattresses, Natural Latex Mattresses and Adjustable Beds

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Memory Foam Beds from $439

memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses


We offer the largest selection of Premium Memory Foam Mattresses on the web -- with a choice of seven models. Memory Foam Select allows you to select the type of memory foam you prefer. Our Perfect Comfort Mattresses compare point for point with Tempur Pedic®, yet are substantially less expensive. Majestic Comfort is our most popular and highly acclaimed model, a masterful combination of latex and memory foam. All our Memory Foam Mattresses come with Free Shipping and a 30 Day Trial.

Latex Mattresses from $899

Latex mattresses

Latex Mattresses


Choose from our broad range of high quality, unique Latex Mattresses. Our ErgoSoft mattress is made from 100% natural “green” latex, topped with organic wool and comes with an organic cotton cover. Majestic Comfort is our top of the line combination Latex and Memory Foam mattress. We offer Low Discount Prices, Free Shipping and a Full 30 Day Trial.

Adjustable Bases from $999

Adjustable bed

Adjustable Beds


A Leggett & Platt adjustable platform with one of our Latex or Memory Foam Mattresses is a combination made in Heaven! The Premium S-Cape Adjustable Platform elevates, massages, and adjusts to your requirements, while you rest comfortably and luxuriously on one of our fine memory foam mattresses – Comes with Free White Glove Delivery.

Rolling Guest Beds from $299

rollaway beds

Rollaway Guest Beds


We offer the largest selection of rollaway guest beds on the web! Each luxury guest bed model is portable and comes with wheels for easy access and storage. Our guest beds have been specially selected for comfort , so your guests will sleep deeply night after night. Low Discount Prices and Free Shipping.
Memory foam mattresses are not for everyone. So in addition to our large selection of memory foam mattresses, we offer custom mattresses in custom sizes and with materials customized to suit your personal comfort preferences. We also offer specialty mattresses engineered for heavy people. Custom Quotes and Free Shipping.

More Memory Foam and 100% Natural Latex Foam Products

In addition to our wide selection of latex and memory foam mattresses we also offer a large range of memory
foam toppers and pillows, as well as 100% natural latex mattress pad toppers and natural latex pillows.


memory foam topper

Memory Foam
Mattress Toppers

from $79

latex foam topper

Natural Latex Foam
Mattress Toppers

from $209

memory foam pillow

Memory Foam

from $39

latex pillow

Natual Latex

from $59


Why are memory foam mattresses so popular and what are the benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress?

Memory Foam has the unique properties of exceptional softness and orthopedic support. Origin ally developed for use in the NASA space program, memory foam provided greater comfort to the astronauts during “take off”. The foam NASA scientists developed helped to cushion the astronauts from the impact of g-forces. It was so successful that Tempur Pedic Corporation developed several medical and commercial uses for memory foam, such as hospital beds for those who are bed ridden.

Some of the famous properties of visco elastic memory foam include relief from pressure points. The foam “gives” just where it should. At the same time the foam rises up and supports the body just where it should. People feel they are being cradled in softness and support night after night. Read more: “What is Memory Foam?”

What are the unique properties of Latex Foam Mattresses and why are they so popular?

Latex Foam mattresses are known for orthopedic support and their luxurious quality. Latex foam is a dense or weighty foam that supports a large distribution of weight. Latex Foam mattresses tend to be slightly firmer than memory foam mattresses while being luxurious and supportive to the whole body.

There are several types of latex foam: 100% pure natural latex and “domestic latex“, which is derived from polyurethane foams. Another term used is “talalay” latex. “Talalay” is the name of the process used in the manufacturing of latex foam. Talalay latex tends to be a combination of both natural and polyurethane foams. The 100% natural “green” latex is especially popular and ideal if you are looking for a mattress with natural freshness and the unique orthopedic support of latex. For more information please see: What is latex foam?