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ErgoSoft 100% Natural Latex Pillow - Made of Organic Dunlop Latex

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ErgoSoft pillows are made of 100% all natural, organic dunlop latex.  The unique open air cell structure of this pillow --made of 4.75 density 16-18 IFD latex foam-- provides natural ventilation to help keep your pillow fresh, dry and comfortable. It is naturally hypo-allergenic, mite resistant and anti-microbial and thereby resists the development of common germs, bacteria and mildew.

Latex is known for its firm supportive qualities and is not as pliable or soft as memory foam. The Dunlop latex process is more natural than other latex manufacturing processes. This pillow is eco-friendly, not incorporating any synthetic foams or chemicals in its formulation. Dunlop foam is softly pliable, but not as soft as Talalay. It resiliently bounces back from body impressions, giving it a firmer feel.  If you are interested in a softer latex pillow try our Beautyrest Talalay pillow

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ErgoSoft Latex Foam Pillows

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ErgoSoft Latex Pillow Comparison

Choose either a contour foam latex pillow or a standard shape: In Standard, Queen and King sizes

The ErgoSoft pillow is available in two shapes:  a standard pillow shape and a contour pillow.

Our new contour foam latex pillow shape is ergonomically designed to provide orthopedic support. The standard shaped latex pillow incorporates a uniquely zoned design, and also provides proper orthopedic neck support. Both these pillows are small enough to be used as a travel pillow. For a comparison of these two shapes and sizes see the diagram to the right.

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ErgoSoft Natural Latex Pillow
in Standard Shape

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ErgoSoft Latex Pillow

ErgoSoft Natural Latex Pillow
in Contoured Shape

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Comparison of Dunlop Latex Foam Pillows to Other Foam Pillows

eco institut Our 100% Ergosoft Natural Latex are from Thailand and Sri Lanka. Both suppliers carry the same presigious Eco-Institut Certification for Standards of Purity.

ErgoSoft Dunlop Latex Pillow : Is a 100% natural latex pillow and is ideal for chemically sensitive individuals or those looking for a totally allergen and chemical-free environment for optimal sleep and relaxation. This premium natural latex puts you back in touch with Nature's Best without sacrificing comfort or quality. It naturally helps to keep unwanted bedding pests away--ideal for allergy suffers and discriminating buyers alike.  It is soft and buoyant, providing a slightly firmer sleeping surface. You will love the ErgoSoft Dunlop Latex pillow.

Talalay Latex Foam Pillow: Combines the fine springy, resilient and durable qualities of latex and the soft, conforming qualities of memory foam. It is softer than Dunlop latex and is not a completely natural product.  See our talalay pillow made by Simmon's Beautyrest.

Memory Foam Pillow: The speciality of memory foam lies in its temperature-adjusting qualities. The foam slowly recovers from body impressions and thereby aids in the transition from one sleeping position to another. It is known to have a cradling effect for the head, neck and body.  See all our luxurious memory foam pillows.

Free Shipping: To the continental USA. We expedite all pillow orders. If you order by noon (EST) we will ship out your order the following weekday. No need to wait weeks for delivery!! When your pillow is shipped you will receive email notification of the shipping date as well as a tracking number and estimated date of arrival at your home.

We also will ship to Canada and all worldwide destinations. Please call and ask for a shipping quote to international destinations.

Free Trial: We are pleased to offer a 30-night trial period on your new pillow. If you would like to return it within the 30 day period please just call for return authorization instructions. Return unsoiled in the original packing materials. We will promptly refund the purchase price of the item. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

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