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With our busy and hectic lives the need for deep rest and relaxation is a vital necessity. We all find the need for our own private sanctuary to unwind at the end of the day. Imagine a place to read, get a massage, watch TV, read the paper, chat on the phone, and of course get a great night's sleep, all wrapped up in one! With the Orthomatic Adjustable Bed System, our bedroom becomes a private retreat and relaxation center.

With the dozens of positions available you can elevate your legs and feet just the right amount to feel instant relief from tired and achy feet and increase circulation, elevate your upper body to watch TV, read or find that perfect position for a cat nap. Breakfast in bed will become a daily routine! This is comfort at its finest and its what you deserve.

adjustable beds and mattressesMassage is an age-old technique for relieving the body of stress, fatigue and muscular aches and pains. Now you can have all the benefits of this health giving technique without ever leaving your home. A variety of massage options are available in the Orthomatic Adjustable Bed System including the wave massage, the dual variable speed massage, the memory setting and automatic timer. Whether you want a gentle massage for relaxation or a more invigorating stimulation massage the quiet, powerful massage motors can give you just what the masseuse ordered 24 hours a day! Best of all every massage is free and it's in the quiet seclusion of your own home.

Isn't it time to pamper yourself? You work hard whether its on the job or taking care of the household and the kids. At the end of the day, its nice to have the comfort and relaxation you deserve. The Orthomatic Adjustable Bed System with your choice of mattress is all the bed you will ever need.

Adjustable Beds


Just wanted to tell you how much our family is enjoying the adjustable bed. Not only are we sleeping better, the whole family loves to jump in bed to watch TV together. No more trying to prop a dozen pillows up on the headboard to try to find a comfortable position. Just the touch of a button and voila! We are thinking to buy these for the kids as well, they love to snuggle with us. Thanks from one happy family.

The Hendricksons, Kansas City

I just purchased one of your adjustable bed systems and I wanted to let you know that your sales staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You get high points for customer service. I loved your web site as well -- it was very user friendly. Can't wait to try my new bed.       

P. Reed, Charlotte, NC

We love our new adjustable bed. We are both workaholics and tend to stay up too late. Now we look forward to getting to bed earlier (my husband still brings his laptop to bed, but now his back doesn't ache from being in an awkward position). I just love unwinding with a good book and a cup of hot tea. With the wall hugger feature, I am closer to my nightstand which makes it more convenient to put down the book and the tea when I'm ready to go to sleep. Our lifestyle has definitely improved!

S. Cohen, Newark