Enjoy a Hospital Type Bed:
Ease Your Pains Big and Small

adjustable hospital beds

A hospital type bed is an electric adjustable bed.

Our adjustable bed frames are designed to go with several of our luxurious memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is a product originally conceived and developed by the space program. The objective was to create a substance that would evenly disperse pressure across a surface, providing alleviation from the strong G-forces caused by accelerating through space. While it was never actually used for its intended purpose, many other applications have been found for memory foam, including use in hospital type beds.

Because of their ability to conform to the exact shape of a person's body, along with extra support because of the foam's density, memory foam adjustable electric beds provide more pain relief for the bed-ridden than a traditional mattress would. Allowing people to sleep at an angle, hospital type beds relieve lower back stress and cushion the spine, creating pressure relief throughout the entire body. Special memory foam pillows have also been produced to ease chronic back and neck pain. The foam also retains warmth well, to which many sufferers attribute a greater feeling of comfort.

Today, more and more people without health problems are electing to purchase adjustable electric beds for their homes. This is because they have found hospital type beds to be useful for a number of everyday activities, such as reading a book or finishing a little work before going to sleep, watching television more comfortably, eating breakfast in bed, or just unwinding after a long, hard day. Some are even available with a massage feature, including a 30-minute massage timer that causes the function to turn off in the event that the user falls asleep. These hospital type beds come in all sizes from twin to king, allowing the buyer to select the perfect one for his or her household.

new fully electric wide hospital beds



Adjustable Base

38" x 80"



60" x 80"




Two Twin XL Units
76" x 80"



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