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The ultimate Gel Foam Mattress Pad Topper just what you've been waiting for. Zero pressure points, cooling, long lasting,  guaranteed and made in North America! Whether you are looking for the next generation of improved bed cushioning comfort, or you are family of someone needing critical care or pressure-point-free cooling sleep support, Ortho Gel™ foam mattress pads are doctor and chiropractor recommended.

gel mattress padSometimes a good night's rest seems so difficult to attain even though it is just what everyone needs. And even when everything else seems to be working out for us to get deep, quiet, uninterrupted sleep, don't let an uncomfortable bed ruin it all, leaving you tired and grumpy in the morning. And if you have special needs that just have to be satisfied before you can rest and rejuvenate, you'll really love our gel toppers.

For some people, memory foam provides just the right cradling comfort to help them sleep, while others prefer the springy softness of latex foam toppers. OrthoGel goes beyond both memory foam and latex, offering not just distributed body weight but zero pressure points along with a structure that allows maximum air flow. The Gel core of the topper is also temperature-neutral and gently suspends your body over open air cells.

OrthoGel is a proprietary formulation and molding of NexGel™– a remarkably elastic yet soft polymer. The unique hollow tubular shape of NexGel is able to provide temperature-neutral and zero-pressure point support due to the unique combination of Gel's remarkable properties with a honeycomb structure. How are pressure points eliminated? When concentrated weight is applied to a small area of OrthoGel, the localized Gel walls partially fold into their hollow columns while continuing to provide exactly the same level of gentle support. In hollowness, there is nothing to compress, and that translates into no hard and uncomfortable pressure points.


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Please consider our Tally-O Latex Toppers


Novaform Gel Topper Review

With the introduction of Gel Technology, it seems that the varieties of Gel Toppers is proliferating – but to what end? A review of gel toppers reveals three basic types of Gel Topper: Novaform style memory foam toppers with embedded gel beads, liquid gel or just-add-water sealed pads like waterbeds, and OrthoGel molded and honeycombed Gel incorporated in toppers along with memory foam. Customers frequently liked gel bead toppers but have reported that they may exude a staining liquid onto bed sheets and that a lateral or rubbing motion of the foam around the beads may lead to material decomposition. Sealed liquid gel products will not provide zero-pressure-point support and may leak over time, though they are frequently used as very effective cooling aids. OrthoGel products, though more expensive than a standard memory foam topper, have been found to be very effective at reducing pressure points and helping to maintain a temperature neutral sleep surface.

OrthoGel Mattress Toppers are covered with a handsome stretch knit fabric and incorporate 1.0” of Quilting Foam. The difference between the Standard Gel Topper and the Deluxe Gel Topper is that the Standard has 7/8” of OrthoGel inside, making it 1.75” tall; while the Deluxe has 1.75” of OrthoGel inside, making it 2.75” tall incorporating twice the depth of OrthoGel for a heavenly, floating support. Please note that an OrthoGel topper may not correct for a lumpy or failing mattress.

We offer The Ultimate Gel Pad Mattress Topper in two different styles sized to fit all standard bed sizes – Twin 38” x 75”, TwinXL 38” x 80”, Full 54” x 75”, Queen 60” x 80”, King 76” x 80”, and Cal King 72” x 84”. Body weight capacity is up to 300 lbs per sleeper. Each comes with Free Ground Shipping within the Continental USA and our 30 Day Trial Period.

Delivery of our Gel Products: Free Shipping within the continental USA. We promptly process all orders. OrthoGel products are custom items, and if you order by noon (EST), we expect to be able to ship your order within 3-4 weeks. When your order ships you will receive email notification of the shipping date, tracking number, and estimated date of arrival at your home. We offer this service whether you order by phone, fax or e-mail; all we need is a correct e-mail address at the time of your order. Please note that Gel Products may ship separately from any other items in your order.

We gladly accept orders from any worldwide destination. Please call for a shipping quote: 800-508-1008

We offer a free 30 day trial on all Gel Products. Try out your OrthoGel and if you are not fully satisfied please call within 30 days. But we would suggest that you first give it a full two week trial because it can take a few weeks to become familiar with the feel of NexGel products. Should you decide to return the order you will be responsible for return shipping, and your refund will be processed after we have received and inspected the returned item(s).  

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