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Better Sleep from an Extra Bed

Extra Bed

My boyfriend said to me recently, "You know, I used to visit people all the time and fall asleep on their couches when they didn't have an extra bed, but I just can't do it anymore. It hurts my back. I think I might be getting old."

"Jay," I said, "nobody likes sleeping on the couch."

Once, I slept on my friend Kim's sofa for a few nights while visiting her home in Asheville, North Carolina. It was so small that, when I awoke every morning, it felt as if my body had coiled itself into a permanent ball. I'm pretty much good for nothing without a good night's rest, so this is where a folding guest bed really would have come in handy.

Trundle beds are nice.

Air mattresses are okay. But the extra bed that really takes the cake is the memory foam folding guest bed. It's available in size Twin-XL, a whopping 38 by 78 inches of mattress, and is extra long to accommodate your lanky nephews when they breeze into town looking for a place to stay. No matter how tall, or how much the sleeper moves about during the night, comfort is never compromised. Because of the memory foam's density, it is able to cradle the body and evenly distribute pressure. This equals improved circulation, the reduction of aches and pains, and a better quality of sleep. With a memory foam extra bed, you'll completely forget that you're sleeping on the floor.

The bed's simplicity is part of what makes it so irresistible.


foldiing guest bed

MemorRest Folding Bed


 30" x 78" x 4"

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 38" x 78" x 4"

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 48" x 78" x 4"

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With its slim four-inch profile, this extra bed is easily slipped into a closet and hidden away when not in use. And, unlike an air mattress, it requires virtually no effort to set up. Also, because a memory foam mattress contains no springs, it will never flatten or become lumpy.


foldiing guest bed

roll away bed cot

trundle bed

memory foam folding bed

folding  cot bed

sleeper sofa folding guest beds

convertible  chair bed

cabinet guest bed


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