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Custom Made Bed

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Custom made beds and mattresses

We are very happy to now offer our customers, custom made beds and custom made mattresses.

This all-inclusive service is one-of-a-kind on the internet today. Our customers are all unique and they each have distinctive sleeping habits and therefore different bedding needs. We have a wonderful selection of memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and airbeds in standard sizes and configurations. Now we also offer these same beds, but in custom made mattresses and customs size mattresses.

Custom Size Bed and Custom Foam Mattress

Let's say you love one of our standard beds, but you've built a bed platform to fit perfectly in your new bedroom that doesn't support a standard size mattress -- no problem, just give us the dimensions and we will make a custom size mattress to your exact specifications. You've just joined the NBA and at 7' tall you are expecting to do well. However, you are tired of not sleeping well because your current bed is way too short. No problem – we will make a custom size mattress – extra long - just for you. We can make any custom size mattress that you request.

Custom Made Bed and Custom Made Mattress 

You just love the feeling of latex, but still want a little memory foam on top – no problem. We will help you design the perfect combination of latex and memory foam to fit your needs – your very own custom made mattress! Or perhaps you would prefer just pure latex, we can do that too.

We can make a custom bed with any combination and in any proportion of memory foam and latex that will be just right for you. We can add various densities of memory foam, be it 3lb, 4lb or 5lb density to your custom bed. Just call one of our sleep experts and they can help you design your perfect bed.

Custom Made Bedding

If you see one of our specialty beds, whether it be the Comfort Max 300 for our oversize customers, the Somatic Sleep for those who want a soft bed or the MemorRest for those who want a firmer bed, but need it in a custom size, just let us know and we will have a custom size bed made just for you. We can also customize the comfort level to create a custom comfort mattress, either softer and or firmer or in between.

Custom Airbed

We have been selling airbeds for many years now on one of our other sites; www.airbeddiscounters.com. These are the best and most luxurious airbeds we could find to offer to our customers. Often these airbeds are purchased for use in an RV or camper. 

These airbeds can also be custom made and custom sized to fit your exact specifications.


Due to the custom nature of these beds, we do not offer a 30-day trial period. But we do offer our standard warranty on all custom made beds and mattresses.

Do you weigh over 250 lbs?
Memory foam may not be for you.
But we do have the mattress for you.
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We also have Custom and Specialty Beds
Would you like a particularly firm memory foam mattress?
Or would you like a soft memory foam inner spring mattress? Do you need a customized comfort bed or a custom sized bed? We have just the right mattress for you and at the right price.
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