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Adjustable Bed Basics

adjustable bedAdjustable beds are the most recent development in improved sleep trends. Previously thought of only as a hospital beds, the adjustable bed now is considered the most luxurious type of bed available for home use. In Europe one out of four beds sold are adjustable beds. These beds are full of luxury features such as those offered in our Optima (now called the S-cape) adjustable bed frame: Neurosage Wave Massage, Memory Massage Recall, Ergonomic Remote Control Hand Wand, Heavy Duty Dual Lift Motors allowing you to adjust to countless positions, 3 Position Memory Recall, Variable Speed back and leg massage, Dual Rotating Massage Motors, 30 Minute Massage Bed Timer, Wall Hugger Capacity, Headboard Brackets, Lifetime Limited Warranty.

In addition to these features we also offer a range of mattresses to go with the adjustable beds each with their own unique features such as memory foam or latex foam for ideal comfort and support. All our mattresses are engineered to go with the adjustable frames.

We sell adjustable beds in a complete range of sizes:

Twin XL Size, Full Size, also known as double size or hospital size, Full XL Size, Queen Size and Split Queen Size, Eastern King which is composed of two Twin Xl Size beds and Slit Cal King Size. The most popular sizes in adjustable beds are the Twin XL Size which is usually sold as a pair and the Full XL size.

Purchasing one of our Optima Adjustable Beds is like bringing the luxury and relaxation of an elegant spa vacation into your own home. Pamper yourself everyday with the many massage options and the various elevations for your legs, feet and upper body. You can have breakfast in bed or watch television from an elevated position. . And the cordless remote makes luxury effortless at the touch of a button.

Doctors are now recommending adjustable beds more than ever before to address a variety of ailments and to improve health and well-being. Our busy and stressful lives can often lead to neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, and sleeplessness. Adjustable Beds may provide temporary relief from a variety of health problems such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, circulation problems, arthritis, asthma and other breathing difficulties, acid reflux or heartburn, edema or swelling of the legs and insomnia.

Here are some articles which describe the benefits of adjustable beds for your sleep, your health and your lifestyle.

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Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Contact one of our Sleep Experts at 1-800-508-1008 for more help on how to improve the quality of your sleep. Our state-of-the-art range of visco elastic memory foam products - beds, mattresses, mattress pads, and toppers, pillows and other home bedding products is designed to increase your personal comfort and improve your sleep. Now enjoy the best rest of your life!

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