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The Tempur-Pedic ® Company

compare to Tempur Pedic mattressTempur-Pedic International, Inc. (NYSE:TPX) was founded in 1989 after it had adapted the memory foam technology of NASA for use in the manufacture of the Tempur Pedic mattress. NASA developed this technology in the 1970's for use in the space program. The pressure relieving properties of memory foam helped to cushion the effect of the G forces at lift off.

The company's offerings are sold under the Tempur® and Tempur Pedic® brand names. (See our page, What is Tempur Pedic?)

Tempur-Pedic is sometimes referred to as Tempru Pedic, Temprupedic, Temprapedic, Therma Pedic, Thermapedic and Tempu Pedic. The Temprupedic mattress utilizes the material developed by NASA and generically known as memory foam or visco-elastic foam to give relief from pressure and pain. A Tempru Pedic mattress will conform to the body to provide support and help alleviate pressure points.

Temprapedic products are sold in 60 countries under the TEMPUR-PEDIC ® and TEMPUR ® brand names sometimes referred to as Thermapedic or Therma Pedic. The name is derived from the word "temperature".  This is because the Tempurapedic mattress responds to the body's temperature.

Absolute Comfort on Sale offers memory foam mattresses at a fraction of the cost of a Tempupedic mattress.

Compare our mattress to Tempur Pedic, it uses the same visco elastic foam technology as Thermapedic.  And you don't have to pay the Tempur Pedic price!

The contents of this article have been derived from Yahoo Financial News and Hoovers Online.

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