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A Glass of Warm Milk:
The Universal Cure for Lack of Sleep

induce sleep bedRemember when you couldn't sleep and your grandmother gave you a warm glass of milk before bed? No matter which cultural background you may have been born into: a glass of warm milk is the universal cure to induce sleep.

How does milk induce sleep?

According to Charaka Samhita, the oldest text on health and the basis of the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic Medicine, there are various types of milk fit for human consumption and each has it's own curative properties. There is cow's milk, buffalo milk, camel's milk, goat milk, sheep's milk and elephant's milk.

Charaka Samhita outlines the healing properties of milk and its usefulness in inducing the sleep state.

The text states that cow's milk has ten properties: sweetness, coldness, softness, unctuousness, density, smoothness, sliminess, heaviness, slowness and clarity. Then Charaka mentions that these are also the properties of "ojas". Because ojas and cow's milk have identical properties milk, promotes the production of ojas in the system. Ojas is the inner radiance of the body, or the wholistic basis of the complete health of the body. The ojas created by drinking milk gives the whole system a sense of well being which helps to induce sleep. Charaka then states that though " cow's milk is the unsurpassable elixir" that the milk of the buffalo is more heavy, cold and unctuous than cow's milk and is therefore even more useful for persons suffering from insomnia and over rapid digestion.

Your grandmother advice to have a glass of warm milk before bed was not only sound advice but has it's origin in the most ancient text of medicine, the Charaka Samhita.

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