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Chamomile Milk Tea at Bedtime for a Deeply Restful Sleep

Chamomile Milk TeaPut three tea bags of Chamomile into an 8 ounce cup of boiling water and let steep covered for 10 minutes (this is considered medicinal strength Chamomile tea) and then mix it with 8 ounces of warm whole milk. Then add one to two teaspoons of honey.

Drink one small cup one hour before bedtime and another 30 minutes before bedtime put the rest in a thermos and on your bedside table to drink if you wake up in the night. This medicinal strength Chamomile milk tea is a sleep inducing drink that will help you prepare for bedtime.

There are two types of Chamomile used for medicinal purposes German Chamomile, or Matricaria chamomilla and Roman Chamomile, or Chamaemelium nobilius.

The best Chamomile is considered to be German Chamomile because it is the richest and sweetest flavor. Chamomile is well known the world over as a herbal tea that creates a state of relaxation, calm as well as restful sleep. Among its many therapeutic properties are: relief from asthma and hay fever, anti-allergian, menopause, ease childbirth, ease headaches, reduce fevers, colds, flu and sore throat and as a remedy for gastritis and stomach ulcers.

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