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Dust Mites Are In Your Old Mattress:
If You Suffer from Allergies a Memory Foam
Mattress Could Be a Better Choice

asthma help memory foam mattressesThe average old mattress houses approximately 2 million dust mites. 

They love the warmth, humidity and safety of traditional mattresses.  They have a good life living off your dead skin cells and perspiration while you sleep. But these little creatures are not so happy in memory foam mattresses.

A dust mite is tiny. 

They are almost impossible to see with the naked eye.  And even if you did see them you would probably think they're just a particle of dust.  They do have their function: to clean up all those dead skin cells that fall off our bodies everyday. And while you sleep in bed dead skin cells fall off and you perspire, which feeds these tiny mites. But like all biological systems, they produce waste and that along with the skin they shed aggravates allergies.

Around 12 million people suffer from breathing problems, including asthma.

Some people can't sleep well or have trouble falling asleep because of allergies or asthma. These conditions can be aggravated by sleeping on old beds just because dust mites thrive in old beds.  Because dust mites aggravate allergies, if you are an allergy sufferer, sleeping on an old bed means the dust mites are contributing to your allergic reactions.

The good news is dust mites don't do well in memory foam.  They will occupy your traditional pillows and bedding but they aren't as fond of memory foam pillows, toppers, or mattresses.  Keep your bedding clean and fresh and make sure you wash the bedding in hot water that is at least 130 Fahrenheit. Below that temperature the mites survive. If you have allergies or you just don't like the idea of millions of dust mites crawling around while you sleep, it may be time to replace your old or traditional mattress with a memory foam mattress or topper that is not so dust mite friendly.

- Information gathered from familydoctor.org and other websites.

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