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Cheap Foam Mattress

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Is there such a thing as a cheap foam mattress that is of good quality? In fact there is. Here at Absolute Comfort On Sale we specialize in just that. We offer only the highest quality memory foam mattresses at discount prices plus free shipping.

A cheap foam mattress is hard to come by.

When you do find a cheap foam mattress take extra care to make sure it is a good quality memory foam mattress. More often than not, cheap foam mattresses will be made from sub-standard memory foam. These foams often have a density of only 2 lb. The problem with these cheap foam mattresses is that with only a 2lb density the foam has little or no "memory" properties. The foam section of these mattresses is normally very thin. This also restricts the "memory" properties of the foam.

However, there is no reason to pay the high price that the leading manufacturers charge such as Tempur Pedic ®.

(See our page, What is Tempur Pedic?) Our cheap foam mattresses all have a minimum density of 4lbs. This density provides a fantastic level of support along with the soft cushioning feel that memory foam is known for. Our cheapest foam mattress also has a thickness of 10.5". This is a full 15% thicker than most of the competition. The 10.5" thickness of our cheap foam mattress includes a large memory foam core.

When you buy a cheap foam mattress from us you are getting more than you bargained for. We believe that our products are made from the highest quality memory foam on the market and yet are we offer them at discount prices. In addition we offer a 30 day trial: If you are not happy with your purchase feel free to return it to us for a full refund within the first 30 days.

Contact one of our Sleep Experts at 1-800-508-1008 for more help on how to improve the quality of your sleep. Our state-of-the-art range of visco elastic memory foam products - beds, mattresses, mattress pads, and toppers, pillows and other home bedding products is designed to increase your personal comfort and improve your sleep. Now enjoy the best rest of your life!

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