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simmons beautyrest latex pillow

Simmons Beautyrest
Talalay Latex Pillow

This Simmons Beautyrest latex bed pillow comes highly recommended!  It is a soft latex foam pillow made of authentic Talalay latex foam. A whole lot of thought, engineering and high quality materials have gone into its construction.

Talalay latex pillows are manufactured from blended latex, which gives it more durability and springiness than a purely raw natural latex product.  Yet our testers have found this pillow to be softer than other latex pillows.  Simmons Beautyrest is a name well known the world over for outstanding quality, craftsmanship and comfort. The Beautyrest latex pillow starts as low as $57 with free shipping!

Quantity Simmons Beautyrest Talalay Latex Pillow
soft latex foam pillow



18" x 26"


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One Pillow


Two Pillows
$99 ($49.50 each)




18" x 36"


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One Pillow


Two Pillows
$159 ($79.50 each)



The King Size is only available in limited
quantity from the manufacturer.
We will advise you if there will be a wait time.

Summary of some of the outstanding features of the Beautyrest latex pillow:


Beautyrest Soft Latex Foam Bed Pillow Reviews

Why do customers love this pillow? See the reviews of our testers below:

Review One
"I have tried several different latex pillows. This Beautyrest Latex pillow feels soft and quite natural. But not too soft."

Review Two
"I am a latex fanatic. I love all latex bedding products and so I was asked to write this review. Because the Simmons Beautyrest latex pillow was inexpensive I thought that it might not be as good as other supposedly more "natural" latex pillows. In fact, this pillow is made of authentic Talalay latex and I have found it to be better than other latex pillows; better than other Talalay pillows and even better than 100% natural dunlop latex pillow . I think the reasons I prefer this Simmons Beautyrest latex pillow is due to its softness and pliability."

Review Three
"I have never liked latex pillows. They have not worked for me. I have found them to be stiff and too high. This particular latex pillow is quite different. Seems like it was made for comfort and not made just to use the name " latex" in the product description in hopes the reputation of latex would carry it along. This Beautyrest latex pillow works very well for me. I even prefer it to my memory foam pillow."

The Beautyrest pillow comes with free shipping and a 30 Day trial. If you're not satisfied, please call within 30 days to receive return validation and then return the pillow for a full refund. You are only required to pay for the return shipping of the pillow.

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