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MemorRest Body Pillow

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Our User-Friendly Body Pillow is No Light-Weight!

body pillowHere's the real thing – a user-friendly body pillow that is so comfy everyone in your family will want one. It has so many great and practical uses. At the core of this fine Carpenter Ambient™ body pillow is 8" blended super-soft HolofiberTM and Super Slick fiber. Ambient pillows have even been labeled a "bedtime essential" by Oprah’s sleep specialist Dr Michael Breus – and we call it "MemorRest".

Our new premium, health promoting body pillow replaces our prior memory foam model, providing unique and enhanced benefits which provide significantly increased oxygen levels for improved muscle recovery, improved circulation, and reduced pain due to muscle fatigue – all with a very body-like touch and feel. Due to the advanced fiber technologies utilized, the Body Pillow and Bed Pillow gently cushion and support your own body shape, cradling you in all the right places. The outside surface of these comfort pillows includes a 400 thread count cotton sateen cover, gusseted for extra support and comfort!

Body PillowOur body pillow will also make the perfect back support pillow or reading pillow, while reading or watching TV. In fact, a second Ambient MemorRest "rejuvenation" comfort pillow can be used as a leg pillow, lumbar pillow, bed rest pillow and pregnancy pillow to ease stress and strain as and when you need it.

Our MemorRest Pillow is The Perfect Pregnancy Pillow for Expectant Moms

The MemorRest Body and Bed Pillow are so soft and nurturing that they make the perfect pregnancy pillows. Used as a maternity body pillow, it provides just the right healthful support during all phases of pregnancy; and when the baby is born, it provides the perfect support for nursing, napping, feeding and playing.

At night this comfort pillow will be there for you as your very own bed rest pillow "friend" to snuggle up with. Each MemorRest Body Pillow measures 15 1/2 x 43 x 7 1/2 inches, standard Bed Pillows 20 x 26 inches.

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Body Pillow

15.5" x 43" x 7.5"

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Bed Pillow

20" x 26"

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